Graphic Design
& ArtDirection


GEN+ Magazine

GEN+ is a concept for a research based fashion magazine that explores possible far future scenarios for fashion and identity. The first issue deals with the scenario 'What if we could redesign the human body?’

GEN+ magazine was my graduation project from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The publishers names are fictive. 



If we become able to re-design the human body by implementing synthetic parts, or manipulate genes and biological structures, it’s been said that humans become more and more like machines. Whereas we are designing machines that look just like humans.  This way, boundaries between real and artificial seem to evanesce.

The first issue of GEN+ focusses on this matter by looking at the physicality of the body. It zooms in on the real and artificial skins and body parts.  This way it is been questioned what it actually means to be human, whenever we consider something as human, and how far these perceptions can be stretched.

Los Angeles, Calif.